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    Surface leaving any trace, a glistening, shining like a sunset lake. Mu Xingqiu closed his eyes and silently read the heart with feelings of magic to the surrounding, Sun Lu said that the soul of the living and the communication can not happen,canada goose mountaineer parka, but he has been the past few days this kind of strange feeling, like something against himself warm and soft, although weak, but strong enough to withstand all the chill. This feeling can be a hundred explanations, each of which has nothing to do with the soul, so Muxing Qiu did not mention to anyone, but refused to remove a half step, for fear this feeling disappears, even if it’s just an illusion, he would keep it up. Sunset, night dip,canada goose yorkville bomber, rising and fall months, Mu Xingqiu float does not move until the next morning, Fang Fang Dan crushed full seven days later,canada goose authorized retailer, he finally fall back to the ground. Semi seat interrupter city people have seen this scene, could not help but also issued sigh gently, as if their mind was landed. Under the broken gates, several priests was standing there waiting for him